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Hötorget Kvarterskrog is a living room at the pub – for everyone who lives or works in the neighborhood. For those who wander in once or for those who want to hang out with us every day of the week. For Stockholmers and tourists. For the young and the old. For the party-hungry or the morning-weary. Friends and foes, children and parents… Even for dogs.

Are you hiring?

Sometimes. Feel free to connect with us via jobb.bockholmengruppen.com.

I forgot something at the restaurant. What should I do?

Email us or give us a call and we will assist you.

Is Wi-Fi available?


Can you invoice?

We do not invoice parties under 10 people. For invoice payments, there is an additional fee of 200 SEK. Invoice payments must be approved in advance.

I'm on a diet, do you have food that suits?

Yes, we do. Otherwise, we can arrange something on the spot.

Can you customize the food for me?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us with your allergies, and we'll accommodate your dietary needs.

Can we bring our own cake or can you arrange a cake?

At the moment, we do not cater for cake celebrations, and you also can't bring your own. However, upon request, we are happy to arrange birthday candles on the dessert.

I would like to surprise my party with a flower, a bottle of bubbly, or something similar. Can you arrange this for me?

We can assist you with items we have on the menu, but for example, a bouquet of flowers you'll need to bring yourself or arrange through a florist delivery service.

How long is the wait for a table if you walk in without a reservation?

Hard to say, but it can range from 10 minutes to an hour or longer.

Do I need a table reservation or can I come by spontaneously?

We have quite a few non-bookable seats available for our spontaneous guests.

We are a larger group looking to dine at your establishment. Is this possible?

Yes, please email us.

Can we reserve our favorite table?

We never promise specific tables, but of course, we take requests and then do our best to accommodate them.

Can you buy food for takeout from you?

Yes! Both through our website or by phone. We also collaborate with Foodora and UberEats.

Is there parking nearby?

Well, you can hopefully find parking around Hötorget or on some nearby streets, but finding a parking spot in the city can be challenging.

I am in a wheelchair, can I visit you?

Yes, it's no problem to access the dining room and the bar. We also have a wheelchair accessible restroom.

How long is the kitchen open?

The kitchen closes 30 minutes before the restaurant.

Can I bring my children to the restaurant? Do you have high chairs? Can I bring a stroller in?

Yes, children are welcome here. We don't have high chairs available due to space constraints. Strollers must remain outside due to fire regulations. However, you can bring in a carrier or a baby seat. When making a reservation, please include children in the total number of guests.

Are dogs welcome at your establishment?

Yes! Dogs are welcome in the dining room and the bar.

Do you have outdoor seating?

Yes, during the summer we have an outdoor seating area for walk-in guests. We don't take reservations for this area.

Do you have a bar?

Yes! We have a popular bar with delicious cocktails.

Other questions?

For other questions, please email us: hotorget@bockholmengruppen.com

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